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How to resolve an issue while activating or linking your Roku streaming device?


Do you get stuck or end up receiving frequent Roku error messages? Its time to resolve the errors at the earliest

To start with, analyze the reason and cause of error to proceed  

What if you do not resolve errors and activation issues?


Streaming will interrupt and you cannot use your device. Hence it’s time to start the troubleshooting at the earliest


· If its network issue, check the credentials( username and password )

       · To avoid software update issues, update the device software

       · Device restart can also help to overcome the errors 

· As  you proceed with device linking process, check the code and  page, 

· If its code error, collect a new code contacting our service provider. Click on the star button on your remote to collect an alternate code 

· It’s good to replace your device with a new one 

· Check the Roku account  and make sure that its valid , If not create a new or alternate account 

· Make sure that you follow the activation steps promptly 

·  Do not miss  the activation guidelines 

· If error messages keep on appearing on the screen, replace the device with a new one



Apart from the above tips, you have other guidelines too

For guidance, reach out to our Roku support team. Suggest you to ring the support number and wait for the response

Contact: +1-844-893-6700

Website: Activation